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Cameron Akers Marketing offers content that puts a unique spin on trending topics in marketing and technology from a younger person’s perspective that is easily digestible to the layperson, yet informative enough for businesses or technology veterans.

Here at Cameron Akers Marketing, I write content that explores trending topics and buzzwords, breaks them down, makes them more human, and speculates as to how business people and consumers can use trending technology to their advantage.

What makes a great SAAS product? Why are some SAAS products successful and others are not? How do marketers successfully market SAAS products? I answer those questions and try to be a liaison between marketing and technology.

What’s In It For You?

I also offer freelance marketing services for businesses that do not have the time or budget to do in-house. See the services below for a brief explanation, and see the Services tab for a more in-depth explanation of those services.

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